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Oral Systemic Connection

Oral Systemic Connection: Periodontal Disease

The smile is known as the gateway to the rest of the body. How you care for your smile can impact the health of your entire body. Gum disease is particularly common, but studies have found it is connected to a few health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

This is known as the “oral systemic connection”. It highlights the importance of caring for your gums to prevent any issues; this is especially important if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Although gum disease doesn’t cause diabetes or heart disease, it can impact the quality of health.

People with diabetes may be prone to developing gum disease due to their lack of control in blood sugar levels and need to be on a strict diet. Diabetics may find trouble treating gum disease as it can difficult to combat the disease due to poor immune systems and blood sugar levels. However, keeping up with a diet that promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeping the gums healthy with a regular maintenance routine can prevent gum disease.

Heart disease and gum disease have common risk factors but do not have a causal relationship. Many patients who have these issues have smoked, have an unhealthy diet, or have excess weight. Inflammation is the main cause of heart disease. Blood vessels become irritated and limit the amount of blood that travels from the heart to the rest of the body. Gum disease is characterized by inflammation and may spread to blood vessels. Inflammation causes irritated blood vessels which leads to blood clots which can cause heart attacks or high blood pressure.

Gum Disease and Treatments

Gum disease comes in various stages but if caught early can be prevented entirely. Gum disease is characterized by inflamed gums that bleed. At its most severe, gum disease causes tooth loss and gum tissue to recede.

Treating gum disease is called periodontal disease therapy. You visit our hygienist for a series of deep cleanings which remove debris and bacteria from under the gum line. Treatments may last up to six months for a full removal. If gum lines have receded, gum tissue grafts can restore the smile line.

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